Welcome to First Charter

    Welcome to First Charter, private and executive jet hire specilialists within the UK.

    Based in London , UK, we are the experts in providing private Jet and Aircraft Charter service to the business and leisure traveler. Our large, global network of aircraft give our customers a variety of options for secure, comfortable, and hassle-free service! Fly with us and our partners at AIR CHARTER SERVICE today.

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Our Service

Private air charter is the way to fly today’s crowded skies. No security lines, cramped seating, lost bags or annoying flight delays. But are you paying too much for the privilege? If you’re not flying First Charter, you probably are.

First Charter is the premier provider of private air charter service across UK. Without compromising on the highest standards of safety and personalized service. When you fly with us, you really CAN have it all.

Our Fleet

At First Charter, we’re known for providing the right jet for your specific travel needs. Unlike other Charter companies, we don’t restrict you to one type of aircraft based on your membership level.

With access to more than 2,000 aircraft across the country, First Charter ensures that you always have the right jet at the right time.

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